Fodder Corporation to Launch Fodder Fed in 2017

Fodder Corporation, the owner of emerging brand Fodder Fed ™, has today announced that it will officially launch on December 1st, 2017.

The Fodder Fed ™ brand has been formed to provide consumers with an entirely new class of product that has been primarily fed on sprouted barley fodder, a nutritious, natural and highly digestible feed source.

The company intends to sell a variety of products under the brand including;

  • Meat
  • Lamb
  • Milk
  • Chicken
  • Eggs
  • Pork
  • Goat
  • Ducks

“From a health perspective, feeding fodder qualifies all animals as grass fed so we are PCAS approved as a starting point” company spokesman and Group CEO Chris Levick said today. “The health benefits to consumers who eat our products versus animals fed using other methods are enormous” he went on to say.

Fodder Fed ™ animal meat has tested high in protein, amino acids and CLA’s which have proven health benefits to humans. Under their stringent feeding guidelines, no grains are permitted and sprouted fodder must make up approximately 90% of the animal’s diet.

Taste testing over the past 2 years has ensured that anyone who has sampled Fodder Fed ™ product comes back for more. “I know my meat and I’ve never had a better steak in my life,” said taste tester Paul Speeding from Gracemere.

“Under the Fodder Fed ™ program, we are all about disrupting retailers and rewarding farmers who are paid a premium over market prices. We then sell direct to the public via our website, cutting out the middle man which enables us to give the farmers a better deal than they can get anywhere else”. Levick said.

Fodder Fed ™ is a sister company to Fodder Solutions, the world leader in hydroponic sprouted barley technology. Fodder Solutions has supplied fodder systems since 2006 and currently has their product in over 14 countries.

Initially, the company intends to offer a home delivery service in Toowoomba, Brisbane & the Gold Coast commencing December 1st.

Does it Really Work?

IMG_0538 2

“It sounds great but does it really work?”

We get asked that a lot at Fodder Solutions. Conventional feeding and the people who rely on the industry to make their living such as nutritionists (not all of them) and feed suppliers are quick to discount what we do.

When nutritionists went to university, nothing was known about fodder as a feed source and therefore they could not have possibly been trained in the science. In the words of a globally known nutritionist in a recent conversation after being shown some fodder nutritional test results, he stated “if this is correct, everything I learned at uni just went out the window”.

We like to let our customers do the talking but in this case, the animals are doing that for us!

This is a picture taken from a client’s property where several cows simply can’t wait to get stuck into the fresh, green nutritious fodder. What is more interesting about this photo is;

1. The state of the surrounding area – note that there is absolutely no ground cover and feed is non existent.

2. The amazing condition of the cattle, despite the lack of any food source other than fodder. Their coats are glowing and they are putting on weight the entire time.

This picture was taken last week and as we all know in Australia, it’s now winter and temperatures are heading south fast. There will be no feed on the ground in the area that this was taken and in normal circumstances, this farmer would be trucking feed in at substantial cost. Not this winter, our farmer made the wise decision to get themselves a fodder system and as a result, their cattle will be well maintained during the cold winter months.

With easy finance packages available through our company and all banks lending on our systems now, it has never been easier to get involved in the feeding revolution. We have systems producing fodder to suit all farms from just a few animals to large herds.


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