Fodder Solutions realises the importance of sourcing the right grain to ensure that we get the absolute best quality fodder. One of the biggest (and most expensive) mistakes farmers make is to purchase grain because it is perceived to be ‘cheap’. The problem is, it may be inexpensive however if it does not germinate at 90% or more, it will end up being very expensive.

With this in mind, we are setting up our ‘National Grain Network’ where we store our specially selected and tested Sprouting Barley. Presently we have FS Sprouting Barley available via our Toowoomba depot and we can ship quantities when you purchase one of our systems. You also have the option of picking it up from Toowoomba if you wanted to save on shipping costs.

The advantages of FS Sprouting Barley include:

  • Guaranteed levels of sprouting
  • Pre tested within our R&D systems
  • Available in 1 ton bulka bags and in bulk
  • Shipped anywhere in the world
  • Can be added to your system delivery to save on shipping costs
  • Soon to be biologically grown using BioGenomX technology

In areas where shipping is not economically viable, we are still happy to test your local supply prior to you purchasing.

The key to producing the maximum from your Fodder Solutions system is to only use quality grain, we cannot stress the importance of this enough.

For current pricing, to arrange shipping or a pickup, please contact;

Leanne Burkhardt
Ph: 0756 465 949

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