Fodder Solutions began in 2000 when a Toowoomba farmer, Flavio Raccanello was at his wit’s end. With another cold winter moving in, the rain had stopped and there was little remaining feed on the ground for his cattle and sheep.

Facing spiralling feed costs and with little prospect of winter rainfall, Flavio needed a way to cost-effectively feed his livestock so that his farm could remain profitable. He began by placing barley seeds in a small bucket to see if this could be the miracle feed source he so desperately required.

Something interesting then happened, the barley seeds began to sprout and within a few days, they had become an oasis. Removing them from the bucket, he offered them to one of his herd. Reluctant at first, the cow took its first taste of sprouted barley fodder.

The very next day Flavio repeated the experiment in a larger bucket growing a huge biscuit. This time he broke it up and fed it to several of his herd and it was very apparent that they loved the freshness of the nutritious barley sprouts. At this moment, Fodder Solutions was born.

He tried the same with his sheep and they also went crazy for the fodder. He increased his capacity using larger containers and pretty soon he had enough fodder to sustain his herd through winter.

A few months later, a nearby farmer looked over the fence and couldn’t believe his eyes. Where his animals were doing very poorly, Flavio’s we fat and looking amazing. He asked Flavio if he could help him too so he did and pretty soon the local newspaper picked up the story. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Fodder Solutions operates its manufacturing facility in Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia and exports its patented systems all over the world. The company has now grown into a thriving business and caters to everyone from small hobby farmers to huge commercial feed lots and the dairy industry.

If you are looking to save substantially on your feed costs and want your animals to experience the healthy benefits of nutritious freshly sprouted fodder, get in touch with us today for a no obligation discussion.