Fodder Solutions has fresh fodder feeding solutions catering for all sizes – from hobby farmers with a small herd right up to large commercial installations. Our systems come in the form of both transportable units and more permanent systems feeding thousands of kgs per day.

We work with well known, experienced nutritionists to develop rations for many and varied situations. The best feedback, however, comes from our clients who are out there each day in the real world, getting real results.

Many of our clients and potential clients ask how much fresh, nutritious fodder we recommend they feed their cattle. To answer, there are considerations to be taken into account such as;

  • Weight of the animal
  • Age
  • Purpose – if it is for fattening, breeding or maintaining
  • Breed of cattle


Having worked with cattle clients all over the world, we have now developed a recommended ration for fattening based on their feedback;

20gks of fresh fodder per day
1-2kgs of hay or straw

We have clients feeding this ration regardless of weight and size coming in, all are reporting exceptional results.

The fodder component costs less than $2 per day and clients are reporting year round average weight gains of 1.8kgs per day. This can vary by breed and location, however, we believe this to be accurate for Angus or Angus crossbreeds such as Brangus.

As we work towards the launch of our Fodder Fed brand, we will become very specific about our recommended ration, breed and genetics of the cattle we intend to certify.


Breeders are reporting excellent results and our current research has 3% of body weight in daily fodder ration being the optimum. We have some excellent results from breeders that we will shortly announce on this page.


Those looking at maintaining can feed 2% of body weight in fodder as reported by our clients.