We had been using a Fodder Solutions barley sprouting unit in the Territory so we knew the potential it held for this new venture, on a larger scale.”

“I know how to raise cattle on grass but what you see in the paddock and what you receive on the plate can often be deceiving. By maintaining 80% of the diet with our sprout feeding regime, we can control daily weight gains at different stages of development. This control has a huge impact on eating quality and index scores while maintaining grass fed status.”

Rob Cook, Bundaberg Queensland. 

“Before I got a fodder system It was neither feasible nor economic to run extra head on our property. The land would not support more cattle, at that time our 160-acre (64.7-hectare) property was running 30 breeders only. Right now, we run up to 120 at times with fodder. Overall, the system has the potential to make the property viable.”

Russell Hannemann, Tenterfield NSW

“We were running 40 cows & calves (80head) on 200 acres and whenever the season turned poor so did the stock. Feeding hay just didn’t cut it and anything else was too costly. We now mix sprouts with rhodes grass hay and carry 120 cows & calves (240 head) for a cost of about $1.20/day. Couldn’t run this entire operation without a fodder program!”

Steve Taylor. Mount Walker Queensland

“We really couldn’t believe we won. We prepare our lambs on sprouted grass from our fodder solutions system. Judge Pat McMahan said from a butchers point of view we have to get as much meat from the carcass as possible and these lambs delivered” RNA Brisbane Exhibition first prize lamb winners.”

John & Ann Waters, Pittsworth Queensland

“Getting our foals off to a great start in life reflects in the quality of the yearlings we put into the Magic Millions and other sales.”

John Mott, Caboolture Queensland. General Manager of a Race Horse Stud

“We averaged over 1.2 kgs growth per day on our calves whilst they were still on their mother. In our breeding program, we have 98% with calves on the ground and wiener sales has never been this good.”

Mick Punch, Gunnedah NSW.

“The seasons are so variable in Western Queensland, but we can make green grass all year round with our Fodder Solutions system. We have been getting more than 1.8kgs to 2kgs in daily weight gains, our fodder system is definitely saving us a lot of money in the long run”.

Kelvin & Libby Harriman, Muttaburra Queensland.

“Our stock agent has never seen animals from my property look so well. Last group I got up to 2kgs a day growth on my heifers –  I can pull over 500kgs a day of fresh health food out of my system. We are carrying 30% more stock than before and this is the dry season”.

Danny Flynn, Mackay Queensland.

“It’s not just all the health and weight benefits. We have seen all our paddocks regenerate because the cattle get almost all they need out of the fodder. This allows the paddock to regenerate and regrow in record time”

Brain and Caroline Oppermann, Allora Queensland

“I normally buy cattle just to fatten them up and sell to the works, but we’re on one of those fodder units at the moment and decided to feed out sprouted barley. We wanted to experiment because of the weight gain that you can get, and, yeah, just to see if we could turn them out. You’ll put on a pretty good weight gain, and we should be able to turn them over in about 60-90 days, so it’s a quicker turnover.”

Frank Kruger, Kingaroy Queensland.

“Buying the fodder sprouting growing machine for our stock was the best financial decision we ever made. Our cattle and horses have never been better, and our sale prices prove the point”

Billy Abraham, Texas Queensland

“In severe drought, we had to rely on our fodder system for our A1 Flush Embryo transfer program. The cattle were only on fodder and hay and our vet was very worried due to the dry conditions.  He turned up and the cattle were in perfect frame score and the success rate was 85% overall.  Our semen testing for that year for the bulls was 85%, even the show bulls returning from Ekka. Our vet’s comment “whatever you’re doing keep doing it, as it is working’

Dianne Greenwood, Pittsworth Queensland

“Until you see it with your own eyes it’s hard to believe, I went to two field days and now I cannot wait until my new system arrives in January”.

Rob King, Tarome Queensland

“We at Blazing Saddles Adventures have used a Fodder Solutions system for over 10 years and feed 30+ horses every day. Our horses are the best kept trail horses anywhere. We produce 360kgs of sprouted barley each day. Totally recommend this product”

Mick Trout, Cairns Queensland