Fodder Solutions is delighted to announce the release of our all new 2017 transportable product range! With systems starting at 200kgs per day and ranging through to 600kgs, there is a product to suit everyone’s needs. All systems are available for immediate ordering with delivery commencing January 2017.

Introducing our first ever Mobile Feeding Solution – the FS Mobile produces 200kgs of fresh fodder daily and is trailer based allowing total mobility and freedom of movement. This system is ideal for clients who move their animals around to shows, rodeos, camp drafting events or even delivering fodder to farmers in your area.

The FS 400 is a fantastic entry level system that has been designed for smaller farms looking to feed a growing herd. As the name suggests, this system produces 400kgs of fresh fodder per day and is made from our original EPS panel. If you are looking for a place to start at a price point under $30,000, this is what you have been waiting for.

The FS 600 is our first ever modular system that allows you to expand as your business grows. Your first Series A module will include the computer system, water pump and everything else you need to run up to 5 additional FS 600 modules. Series B systems don’t require additional computer equipment and all of the other gear, so why pay for it? As your herd grows and your fodder requirements increase, all we do is plug another Series B FS 600 system in and you have an additional 600kgs of fodder every day.

Made from our all new breakthrough fibreglass coated insulated core, your FS 600 will not only look great but require less energy than ever before to keep your system at the optimal growing temperature. Another great feature is the gas strut powered front doors that open up giving you easy access to the trays for harvesting, seeding up and cleaning.