Nutritious fresh barley fodder can now be available 365 days of the year utilizing our modular or custom made systems. We take Seed to Feed in Just 5 Days to virtually drought proof your farm and saving you a fortune on feed.

Here’s why feeding your animals fresh fodder is the way to go;

  • Every kg of grain sprouts to 5 kilos of fresh fodder
  • Fresh fodder costs less than 10c a kg grown in one of our fodder sheds
  • Huge saving over traditional feeding of grain and other feedstock
  • Feedback from our clients tells us that animals are happier on fodder and this in turn significantly reduces vet bills
  • Weight gains between 1kg – 2.5kg per day are common in beef cattle
  • Absolutely no wastage, livestock consume the entire biscuit including the root mass where 90% of the goodness is

We have thousands of farmers all over the world enjoying the benefits of feeding their livestock fresh fodder, and now it’s your turn. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will tailor s solution to fit your exact needs.