Self-sufficient farming is an attractive proposition in times of drought and high food costs. Fodder Solutions provides the ultimate solution guaranteeing food security regardless of weather, water availability and feed conditions.

Benefits to the farmer by feeding fresh fodder to livestock are huge and include;  

  • Significantly reduction in feeding costs – sprouted fodder costs less than 10c a kilo
  • 1:5 ratio – one kilo of grain grows to 5 kilos of freshly sprouted barley fodder
  • We take seed to feed in just 5 days
  • Readily available, 365 days a year – drought proofs any farm
  • Can be implemented almost anywhere
  • No wastage – animals eat the entire biscuit, root mat and all
  • Barley sprouts have the highest relative food value on the planet
  • 90% + digestibility leading to rapid weight gain regardless of seasonality
  • Healthier diet results in happier animals and reduced vet costs
  • Uses less than one millionth the water required to grow the same amount of feed in the paddock