Why pay a fortune for expensive feed when you can grow it on your own farm for under 10c a kg? No more running out of feed, having to find the money to pay the account or having to raid the piggy bank.

The beauty of the Fodder Solutions system is that you can start small and ramp up as you increase your herd size. Our modular systems are virtually ‘plug & play’ and capacity is easily increased by adding systems to your existing installation.

Over a year the savings mount and very quickly your system has returned your investment. Our units are 100% tax deductible and can be depreciated over 3 years, as per the latest Federal budget.

The more you grow, the more you save! The larger your facility and the more fodder you produce, the greater the saving. Fodder Solutions caters to all size of clients from hobby farmers to huge commercial enterprises. We have various business models to suit your situation and we can even arrange finance when required.