Sheep are another animal that thrive whilst on a diet of fresh, nutritious fodder. Our clients report that a diet of straight fodder combined with grazing fattens lambs and sheep at record rates.

In the spring of 2017 on one farmer’s property, every single ewe gave birth to twins and the amount of milk the ewes produced was well above average. This led to fat, healthy lambs and when they arrived at the butchers, made amazing eating.

Other reported observations from clients feeding sheep on fodder included;

  • Excellent weight gains in any conditions, regardless of the quality of pasture
  • Improved conception rates
  • High weaning rates in herds on poor quality pastures
  • Massive improvement in milk availability in ewes
  • Glossy coats and higher quality fibre
  • Overall improvement in general health

Farmers are reporting feeding mature sheep approximately 1kg of fodder per day to achieve excellent results.