One of the key attractions for the use of fodder as a food source for livestock is the positive environmental benefits. Fodder Solutions believes it’s imperative that we leave the land intact and capable of sustaining generations to come.

Some of the key reasons that feeding with fresh fodder includes;

  • Smaller footprint for a larger heard who are less reliant on grazing pasture
  • Farmlands recover more quickly due to improved farmland management
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests a significant reduction in greenhouse gasses emitted from fodder fed animals compared to grain fed animals
  • Huge reduction in water consumption to grow the same amount of feed
  • Water used by the system can be recycled, further reducing intake
  • Systems have been designed to be easily converted to solar power

Fodder Solutions is committed to healthier livestock feed which reduces the pressure on grazing land taking away the need to further destroy forests and important ecosystems.

For further information on how we can increase your herd size on a smaller footprint, please call us today on 1300 725 070.