33-a-day-50Fodder Solutions is making it easy to enter the exciting world of livestock buying and selling. We are delighted to announce our rental program on the all new FS 600 modular systems.

Here are just some of the advantages of renting over buying;

  • Off balance sheet – renting our FS 600 systems will not affect your borrowing power with your bank or other institutions
  • Utilise your cash more effectively – don’t tie your money up, use it to purchase stock, grain or farm equipment
  • 100% tax deductible – check with your accountant but in most cases, your rental payments are fully deductible
  • Upgrade as new technology is released – when we release new models, you have the flexibility to upgrade
  • Upgrade to a permanent system – when you grow to the stage you need larger capacity, we make it easy with our seamless upgrade deal
  • Systems are fully serviced during the term of the rental for hassle free operation

As you would expect conditions apply however we are committed to working with every client to help you get into the market.

For rates and for a copy of our agreement, please call us today on 0756 465 949.